How to Scope Out the Casino in Ocean’s Eleven

Once the Arcade Setup mission is complete Lester wants you to scope out the Casino. This will include identifying access points and points of interest. The minimum features are a security camera and a door keypad. You’ll also want to photograph a security tunnel entrance, a sewer tunnel entrance and the vault blueprints in Agatha Baker’s management office (requires VIP membership through Inside Track).

Scoping these locations will unlock different options for your approach to the casino. This guide will help you find them all.

Points of Interest

There are a few different points of interest that can be identified during the Casino Scoping and Vault Content scoping missions. Each of these points of interest add a small amount of options to how you approach the heist. These can be found by hacking into the camera feeds and identifying them with your camera. Once a point of interest is identified you will receive a notification and it will be marked on your prep board. For example, if you scroll your camera through the staff lobby and capture the metal grate you will get a notification for this access point. There are a total of 10 access points and points of interest that you can collect. You can repeat the Casino Scope mission multiple times but the vault one is only available once.

Security Tunnel

During the Casino Scope Out prep mission you are asked to photograph and identify certain points of interest. Lester will let you know when all of the important access points and items have been spotted and photographed.

Those include a security tunnel underneath the race track, an elevator on the roof terrace and a door behind the bar down the stairs in the back of the building. You will also need to photograph the entrance to the waste disposal tunnel outside of the building, which is just across from the main casino.

Once all of these points of interest have been spotted and photographed you can complete the mission and return to your arcade basement planning board. This will unlock the Gruppe Sechs gear entry disguise option as well as the ‘Sewer Tunnel’ approach to the heist. You can read more about the different approaches to the casino heist in our GTA Heists Guide. You will need to locate all six Access Points to unlock all of them though.

Vault Blueprints

Once you’ve scoped out the casino and the security tunnel, you can pick a heist approach from your planning board in the arcade basement. Lester will run through the different options, and you can select whether to go Aggressive, Silent, or The Big Con (the latter goes full Ocean’s Eleven, with disguises and subterfuge).

The key points of interest that you need to identify during your scoping mission are:

Roof terrace – four keypads.

Sewer tunnel – across the street from the casino there’s a big storm drain, head down there and take a picture of the sewer grate.

Casino vault blueprints – on the desk in Agatha Baker’s office in the management section (requires VIP membership, go through Inside Track towards the back of the casino and you’ll see a door down a side corridor).

Once you have all these, the heist will begin. The Big Con approach is probably the best option, as it’ll give you a good chance to use all your skills in the heist itself.